Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lessons from a Wii

          About three years ago, I bought my wife a Nitendo Wii for Christmas. She really wanted one; plus, it was a little beneficial for me because I could not get a Xbox 360 or a PS3 before she got a Wii. It worked out for both of us because that Christmas I also received a new XBox 360. With that little back story out of the way, my wife and I have grown to enjoy the Wii together. It rests under our main TV in the living room, and it serves as an occasional informal and unofficial "date" between me and my wife. It also serves to help with teen activities at our house periodically. Within the three years of owning our Wii, we have had two "scary" incidents involving it. The first involved it falling off a 4 foot-tall table onto a tile floor. Thankfully, we were able to get that fixed ourselves. The second incident happened earlier this week when a power surge occurred at our house. Thankfully, we had it plugged into a power surge to protect it. The only problem is that after the surge occurred, everything that was connected to the surge protector came back on except the Wii. We gave it about twenty minutes to reset, but it still did not come back on. At this point, I was extremely nervous because my first thought was that I had to replace it which involved me having to spend money I really did not want to spend. I also began brainstorming and debating on whether to just save and buy the new Wii U. We left the Wii alone and then went to church for the night. After church, we went home and relaxed. Right before bed, I decided to try it out again and see if it worked. Praise the Lord the little red standby light came on when I plugged it back in. I have never been that happy to see a red light before that instance. Our Wii still works and the teen activities are still on.
          I know this story and a Wii might not be that important to you, but God reminded me of a few lessons from our Wii and this event that I can still put to use in my life. These lessons also will be useful to your life as well.

1. The Lesson of Endurance - our Wii is a trooper. I have heard many horror stories of Wii's breaking from events far less eventful. Our Wii has withstood "attacks" and 'trials," but it still works and still keeps going on. Trials come our way, but we must remember to stand strong during the trials and not quit. God will get us through the trial and the storm, but we cannot throw in the towel just because life gets tough.

2. The Lesson of Provision - once that Wii broke, my fleshly mind first went to stress and anxiety and fear. I was worried about having to spend money for something that really will not amount to much in the grand scheme of things. Once the Wii came back on, I praised God for Him allowing it to come back on and work. God provided it coming back on so I would not have to go out and spend any money. So often, we worry about things that we should not really be worried about. Instead, let us go to the One that has all the answers and the One Who can fix anything that comes our way.

3. The Lesson of Trust - after the Wii came back on and I was praising God for Him allowing it to come back on, God convicted me in my heart. He said to me, " I allowed it to come back on, but why didn't you trust Me that I could take care of you." I then had to ask God to forgive me of my lack of trust in Him. My first course of action was to think about what I might have had to do instead of thinking about what He COULD do in this situation. I trusted in myself instead of in Him. So often we do the same thing, and He needs to remind us that Psalm 118:8 is still in the Bible.

4. The Lesson on Enjoyment - my wife and I have enjoyed the Wii. Our youth group has enjoyed the Wii. So often though I find more enjoyment in that Wii than in the things of God. The Wii sometimes brings me more enjoyment than my Bible and than Prayer. (Don't think of me bad, we all have this happen occasionally as well with other things than a Wii) God has far greater things for us than what a simple Wii can give us. The Wii's enjoyment is temporary, but the enjoyment that God gives us is eternal enjoyment.

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