Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lack Ye Anything?

      I remember several different times in my life where I have seen someone else with an item I don't have, and at that moment, I desire what they have or I feel like I am missing out if I don't have that item. (Don't think of me as a bad person, you have been there too) This item may have been some electronic item, some fancy watch or pair of shoes, or more than likely, a fancy automobile such as a Ferrari, Aston-Martin, Porsche, etc. Regardless of what that item is, you look at the same type of item you own and feel like what you have is not good enough or is not nice enough. Jesus alluded to this to His disciples by asking them a question:
And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing. – Luke 22:35 
     Jesus wanted His disciples to look back and remember when he sent them out to teach, to preach, and to heal people with diseases and infirmities (Luke 10:1-12). He wanted them to look back and see just how good He was to them at that moment. He wanted them to remember that He was all that they needed. He wanted them to remember how HE provided for them during their time of service. 

     As I was reading this passage a few days ago in my personal devotions, the Lord brought the analogy from the first paragraph into my mind and convicted me of my lack of faith that He would provide. He convicted me of just how petty I am to think all that He has given me is not enough. He asked me the exact same question that He asked His disciples almost 2,000 years ago. He asked me it one time after I read it; and after I looked around at my bedroom or after I walked around my apartment,  He asked me it again: "Donnie, lack ye anything?" So often, I am guilty of thinking that I am missing out on certain luxuries or certain privileges. I am not able to go to the fanciest restaurants; I am not able to drive the nicest cars; I am not able to take the grandest vacations to the best places in the world; I am not able to have a Rolex or have clothes from Nordstroms. This so often gets me discouraged or it gets me a little envious or covetous. 

     Even though I do not have everything this world can offer me, I possess what God wants me to have. I am not missing out on anything by serving God. Teenager, friend, you will not miss out on anything by serving God. God can ask you the same question He asked his disciples and myself: "_________________, lack ye anything?" Even though this world has "more" to offer me materially or financially, what do I possess now that I can say, "it is enough" or "God, I am not lacking:"

1) His Presence is Enough
     God lives and indwells me. Wherever I go, He is there with me. Nothing can separate me from His presence. I could lose everything I own, still have God, and that will be enough.
2) His Power in Enough
     God loves to work on behalf of His people. If I had all this world had to offer by way of possessions or by way of finances, I truly believe I would miss out on seeing God's power come through. I believe I would miss out on the "deals" He lets me find. I would miss out on the answers to prayer He gives me when I believe and trust in Him and His Word. I would miss out on seeing God come through because I would be so caught up in what I possess or what my wealth can buy me. His power is enough.
3) His Plan is Enough
     Living according to the calling and plan God has for your life is the only life worth living. So many teenagers and adults think that God's calling will be to the back side of the desert with no electricity, running water, or air conditioning. If that is the plan God has for you, then that will be the happiest place for you to be. Being able to wake up every day and knowing that you are in the center of God's will is enough to keep you going. 
4) His Person is Enough 
      As the song goes, "more than amazing, more than marvelous, more than miraculous, could ever be...That's what Jesus is to me." We serve such an amazing God, and knowing this God in a personal way and having His person become real to you through every circumstance of life is enough.

Once again, I will ask the question in light of everything that has been stated: "____________________, lack ye any thing." Knowing that the prior four things are enough, the answer to the question is the same answer the disciples gave...NOTHING!

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